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Statement of Intention- Year Three

The third-year intent is the stated reasoning as to why the FUTURE student would like to participate in a third year of the FUTURE program. Since the third year is not required, we want to see the motivation behind the student’s decision to participate in an additional year at FUTURE.

We are now accepting statements of intention for the 2022-2023 school year. Please outline the reason(s) your student wants to pursue a third year with the program. This statement of intent will serve as a request to the FUTURE staff and instructors for help with certain goals along the lines of academics, vocational experiences, and independent living skills. Admission to year three will be contingent upon an agreement on these goals between FUTURE staff, student, and family.

Upon approval, FUTURE staff will schedule a person-centered planning meeting during the summer between the student’s second and third years. Additionally, if not already complete, the program coordinator will meet with the student’s Vocational Rehabilitation counselor to update the Individualized Plan for Employment to include job coaching and job placement services. This meeting will require student and/or parent attendance.

Year three will focus on externship experience, with the student taking fewer academic classes. Each third-year student will take career and life planning as well as at least one audit course. The rest of their academic hours will be completed in externship (up to 6 credit hours or 20 hours per week at work site). This year is primarily meant to serve as a trial run of Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE), as defined by Vocational Rehabilitation:

  • CIE is performed on a full-time or part-time basis (including self-employment) and provides equal or greater compensation for client compared to employees without disabilities.
  • CIE is at a location in the community where the person with disabilities interacts with other employees who do not have disabilities.
  • CIE presents appropriate opportunities for benefits and advancement.

Please include your response in a typed document and email it to Emma Burgin on or before April 20. For questions, email Emma Burgin or call her at 336-253-0167.

The program’s student handbook is available on our website.