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“Being part of campus life, taking classes, joining student organizations, and learning to navigate a world of high expectations leads to the development of skills and confidence needed for successful adulthood.”

FUTURE is a comprehensive program that helps young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities make a successful transition from high school to adult life.

The program is part of a movement to start and grow inclusive postsecondary academic programs in colleges and universities across the United States. These programs provide growth in not only vocational skills, but academic, social, emotional/behavioral, and independent-living skills as well.

During the two- to three-year program, we provide students with specially designed FUTURE classes, the opportunity to audit undergraduate courses, and an internship on or off campus.

Also available is career and clinical counseling to help develop their academic, vocational, social, and decision-making skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a vocational certificate.